Why did I develop the Damath.ph?

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Cydrick Nonog

Published on Wed Aug 17 2022

Why did I develop the Damath.ph?

Damath is a board game that was part of my childhood. It also a game that made me known in Mathematics in my "entire school". And a reason why I also focus my self so much in Mathematics, I guess it also a reason why I choose being a software engineer.

What are the challenges I encounter playing Damath? Damath is a challenge of mine. Its include the logic + mathematics. Yes its related to Mathematics. Because its include calculating it is not only by eating a chip makes you win the game, its include the total sum of the value when you eat a chip. It also need a fast calculation using your mind, since you are not allowed to use any device to do calculation. And given the time limit of 20seconds for each move, you must do a move including the writing of that move.

Did you know that the best way to win in Damath is to make your opponent eat your chips going to negative value.
Did you know that most of the time the winner in Damath are the player who has less or no chip are remaining, this is base on my experience for playing Damath for almost 10years of my childhood.

The reason of creating this online game is to give everyone a chance to play Damath, even we our in Pandemic. To let everyone know that Mathematics is fun. This game will also educate student on how they do mathematics by just playing

To use my skill to create a game for my childhood board game. Creating a project that I love make me proud of my self.

You can play this game in accesing the website https://damath.ph